Cartel introduces their new Obelisk RDA, a 24mm, four large posts build deck RDA that is lush and beautiful. It will bring you a different vaping experience.
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Product Description


Cartel introduces their new Obelisk RDA, a 24mm, four large posts build deck RDA that is lush and beautiful. The large four post build deck of the Obelisk utilizes four 3mm terminals with flathead screws and is 24K gold plated for better conductivity and gives users a large amount of build space. Airflow enters the Obelisk via dual adjustable airslots on the top and bottom and can be adjusted independently. The Obelisk has a juice well of 5mm deep for the users favorite E-Liquid. The Obelisk includes a 510 drip tip adapter, for user preference and the rounded internal top cap allows for smooth vapor delivery. With its easy to use, four post build deck and a 5mm juice well, the Obelisk RDA is a top contender for a rebuildable dripping atomizer that is on the market today! 


24mm Profile
5mm Deep Juice well
Ceramic Black Coated 304 SS
Leak Prevention Air Flow Design
Gold Plated Brass Contacts
Hybrid Safe 510 Connector Screw
Squonk Ready Center Pin
Innovative Floating 4 Post Design
Top Adjustable Airflow
Bottom Adjustable Airflow
Reduced Chamber for Quality Flavor
510 Drip-Tip Adapter
Peek Insulators
Massive Airflow Design 
Flat Head Screws on Posts 
Delrin Wide-Bore Drip-Tip


Package included

1x Cartel Obelisk
1x T Shaped Multi-Tool
1x 510 Drip-Tip Adapter
1x Squonk Ready Center Pin
4x Post Screws
2x 2mmx16mm OD O-Ring
1x 1.5mmx20mm OD O-Ring
2x 1.25mmx21mm OD O-Ring
1x 1mmx20mm OD O-Ring
1x 1mmx21mm OD O-Ring

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